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YOU can do this too, CHALLENGE yourself for a NEW you!!! –> http://mrsbusch.SBC90.com

Jennifer says:
Thought I would update with my new before and after.
On the left at 218lbs. The right is 145lbs taken last week.
This is all thanks to SF , clean eating 6x a day (and i eat alot!!) and weight training with very little cardio! Consistency is key, 3-4 litres of water a day, one cheat meal a week and a bit of determination.
Plus, I just started the Hiburn8, not to lose anymore weight but to help with my sleep and can I just say….it is AMAZING. I have liver disease and a symptom is restless sleep. Wow, I have slept so good in the past few weeks. It is amazing!”
You can do it too. The question is “How bad do you want it??



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