Woooo go girl!!!!
Hey I’m Lj,
I am a cook by trade and clearly all that taste testing eventually went to my hips!!!
I found Skinny Fiber back in June. I researched it for three months and liked what I found out about it, after asking question after question after question! I started taking it after I returned from a holiday with my sister feeling fat and frumpy to say the least! It has been all uphill since then! I am now 8 kg lighter, and there is 58.5cm less of me! 26.5 cm of that off my mid section! Woohoo!!! I have 5kg to go and I feel great! Not concentrating on the scales though, just the feel of my clothes and how I look and feel. I have so much energy and have even started exercising again after many years of being lazy! My daily muscle aches are gone, my nails have grown (never been able to grow my nails ever!) I JUST FEEL FANTASTIC!

Always an Empty Bottle Money Back Guarantee!
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