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Doesn’t Sherry look great?

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“Hi my name is Sherry and this is my journey so far…
I was a size very tight 14 and weighed in at 190 pounds! The largest I had ever been, even when 9 months pregnant I didn’t weigh this much!!! I took my sf religiously and did a low carb diet with next to no exercise!!! I didn’t notice any weight loss for 3 weeks!! I was bummed and upset! I measured and nothing!
I was ready to give up and on that 4th week I started losing and I mean I was losing fast!!! I would lose a pound a day on most days!!! 20 pounds gone in the next 4 weeks after the initial 3 of not losing anything. From June to October I lost from a 190 pounds down to 160 pounds and went from a size 14 to a 7/8. I took a break from Oct to Jan to see if i could maintain the weight and I did pretty much, I gained back 6 pounds with all the holiday goodies that I took in but no complaints because I expected that. I have been taking my skinny fiber again but haven’t been exercising or eating right at all , but I have lost 12 more pounds!!
I love my skinny fiber and oh yea, forgot to mention, no more meds, night sweats, hot flashes, sleepless nights…..when I go to bed I sleep like a baby!!!”



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