Just in from Mandy 🙂

I need to brag this product up for a minute. Little N woke up with a runny nose, juicy cough, and wheezing from (what I am assuming are) allergies. This natural supplement spray is the ONLY thing that works on my allergies. (I have tried every prescription drug, nasal sprays, and OTC med out there. I’m even allergic to allergy shots! 😂) I decided to spray a couple sprays into his mouth. Little N can breathe! He has zero congestion, no runny nose, no cough, no wheezing either. He is running around happy, not all drugged up or wired from his nebulizer. SHEILD spray isn’t too good to be true because it is a perfect natural solution. 🙂#MDC #ShieldSpray — feeling healthy.



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