HempWorx CBD Oil Pet Treats

HempWorx is now offering CBD for cats and dogs, along with bacon flavored dog treats!


ORDER HERE – http://www.HempWorx.com/mrsbusch

HempWorx 250mg CBD Oil for Pets

Our CBD herbal drops have virtually ZERO THC, thus having no known side effects and making it safe to consume at any concentration for our furry friends.  They have natural bacon flavor!


HempWorx Beef Flavored CBD Dog Treats

Each HempWorx CBD dog treat contains 2.5mg of CBD, and there are 33 treats in each bag.  Made from locally sourced ingredients, they are grain free, gluten free, corn free, soy free and contain no added sugars, artificial additives, glycerins or hydrogenated oils.  Our CBD oil is grown without GMO’s, pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers.


Pet owners are loving the benefits their fur babies are experiencing from HempWorx CBD oil.

  • HempWorx has the most potent and powerful hemp products on the market
  • 100% legal in 50 states
  • shipping to 50 US states and globally to many countries including Canada and Australia
  • ORDER HERE – http://www.HempWorx.com/mrsbusch


CBD Oil Testimonies from Pet Owners

HempWorx CBD oil for dogs with cancer

Update on this little guy ….

As you all know I have been giving him CBD oil in hopes of helping to improve his cancer.  So the tumor that came out last week was sent off to the lab to compare with past tumors.

The news so far is promising… my vet told me today while it is still mixosarcoma, there is much less mitosis going on – meaning the cells are not splitting like they were before.  The tumor also had a completely different consistency – much softer where before it was hard.

Not expecting a miracle, just hoping for good results so I can keep my Jakey Boy around for years!



CBD oil for backwards sneezing in dogs

Just wanted to share my results on giving CBD Oil to my pups my oldest pug boston mix usually gets backwards sneezes a lot and since giving him the oil he has yet to have one… 1 month strong 💪  He has also calmed down a bit along with his sister. They started with 2 drops a day and have increased to 4 drops a day.



Amazing testimony from beautiful Piper with inflammation, arthritis and kidney failure

I feel comfortable testifying that this oil was given to my 11 year old retriever three weeks post leg surgery.A little back story. She has recently been diagnosed with kidney failure and was taken off her arthritis/anti inflammatory medication. It really slowed her healing down from surgery.She wasn’t recovering well when I started the oil. After three weeks of faithfully giving her 10 drops 2x daily she is no longer limping and is actually running again ❤️



Coco Update

Hope y’all don’t tire of my fur-baby posts!
I am beyond ecstatic. After being barely able to move last Friday evening, and after 5 doses of about 2-3 drops of HW 750mg CBD oil, Coco jumped up onto and off the “big chair” all day yesterday. The biggie test was that she climbed the doggie stairs UP to my high bed and jumped off (before I could stop her!) last night after I had posted. I was prepared to take her to the vet today if necessary, but her RNC human-momma ME is keeping a close eye on her running around per her usual today.
I can vouch for the efficacy of HempWorx 750 mg CBD oil for both my own ailments and my baby-girl Coco. Both dogs are given 2 drops morning and night. No gimmicks HERE!

Coco has been very active today and even jumped up on “the big chair” and up top where she and Moe perch for hours just looking outside at whatever or whomever is passing by!
She also jumped up and back off the chair several times today. YAY Hempworx CBD 750mg oil!! 😀

🌴 Those who know me also know that I treasure my two lil Yorkies Coco and Moe. They are family! Friday evening (3 nights ago) I got very concerned when Coco (she is 10) was barely moving, shivering, and I could tell she was in pain. I gave her 2 drops of 750mg HempWorx CBD oil directly in her mouth. She was very quiet all night, and all day Saturday she kept a very low profile. I have been administering 2 drops morning and night, and yesterday, Sunday, she came out wagging her tail and with a brighter look in her soulful eyes!
She walked outside on her leash but was still not her usual bouncy self.
Today (Monday) she was up and in front of me at her usual time, wagging her tail, prancing to the door to go out, and even looking for her treat when we came inside! I knew she was very much improved when she wanted up in the big chair with me, so she could climb up top and look out the windows with Moe… their fav spot on earth!
Neat thing is, Coco didn’t dodge me when I gave her the drops, as she usually does with her heart worm and flea pill every month. She saw me take my drops and I did the yum yum thing, so she accepted hers as well. She still hasn’t jumped up into the chair, or gone up the doggie steps to my rather high bed, but she is SOO much improved.
I’m thinking she strained herself doing the jumping on/off things, as these small dogs are prone to. I’m happy. She’s happy. And Moe is happy his mama is feeling better and MAY play with him a bit!



I have started my old Aussie on HW 500 oil. She is coming 14 and has a lot of miles on her. Being a ranch dog on 25 acres wears on a girl. It has been 4 days since I started her on 2 drops a day. She is happier, brighter and traveling a little more sound!
2 drops between 2 slices of yummy cheddar cheese and she loves her oil!



Pet testimony from a german shepherd owner using HempWorx CBD oil for allergies

My German Shepherd is allergic to grass, he started breaking out in his ears, we gave him cbd drops in his water 5 drops, and I applied 2 drops to a gauze pad and applied it to his ears, he is feeling great, no more sneezing, scratching and ears are not red and clear now!


CBD oil can help dogs with seizures and anxiety

I wanted to share that CBD has helped decrease the number of seizures in my little yorkie poo, it also helps with anxiety! This Fourth of July was the first in 7 years that we were able to go outside and enjoy the fireworks because she was just in the house chilling instead of freaking out thinking she was going to die. 😔 that makes me happy to know that it helps her feel so much better. Yesterday she took her first drops of the bacon pet oil… she wouldn’t take the oil directly but I put a couple drops on a dog treat and she ate it right away. WIN!


CBD oil really works on pets!  Cat owners are seeing benefits too.  This testimony is from a cat owner whose cat has kidney disease.

CBD oil also works on pets!   My daughter’s 15 year old cat was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney disease five months ago.  He began to have rapid decline in health, we were preparing for euthanasia.  After 1 dose of CBD he began eating his kidney approved food and was playing like a kitten, which we have not seen in months.


CBD oil product review from a cat owner whose cat found CBD oil helped his anxiety.

A testimonial for Isaac (my precious cat). Isaac is 3. Isaac is truly empathic in the way he reacts to my energy, my mood, my pain, etc. Due to this quality we both share, he is a stressed cat who follows me around, does everything I do, sleeps on my chest at night and when I wake up, he’s in the exact same place. We share a very close bond. Due to this stress, he was self-mutilating without realizing he was. I mean he was overgrooming to the point where he would have bald patches from ripped out hair. This was starting to upset me and I know it’s not an allergy as my vet suggested because a steroid shot didn’t do anything and it’s the last ever steroid injection I will allow the Vet to give him as steroids are inherently bad for cat’s kidney function. So naturally, I started him on a tiny drop of CBD oil a day. I just checked up on his body, looking for bald spots or other follicular damage. He looks amazing. I notice that he is not stressed. He doesn’t jump when there is a loud sound, he isn’t scared by the sound of plastic bags anymore and when I vacuum, he doesn’t hide under the bed. His mood, as far as I can tell, has lifted and he can live his life as a cat, as he’s supposed to; without stress and with nothing but love.

HempWorx CBD Dog Treats Pricing


HempWorx Serving Size and Instructions for Pets

Place drops directly into pet’s mouth or mix in food or water.  

Recommendations for using 500mg bottle of CBD oil

  • 1-20 lbs – 1-2 mg CBD/ 2-4 drops
  • 21-45 lbs – 2-3 mg CBD/ 4-6 drops
  • 46-74 lbs – 3-4 mg CBD/ 6-8 drops
  • 75plus lbs – 4-5 mg CBD/ 8-10 drops

*** Amounts will differ if using the 250mg or 750mg formula

Visit the official website for HempWorx –  http://www.HempWorx.com/mrsbusch


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