Cold Sore Testimony


HUGE GAME CHANGER FOR ME!!! I have suffered from these my whole life as well, not anymore!!! If I had the oil for this and nothing else, I’d be happy! Love this, here’s another one!

Mallory shares a customer testimony :
💥Testimony for Coldsores💥

My fiancée is a sufferer of these and a couple weeks ago she got one. It was after the pharmacy closed so we couldn’t get her meds. Normally, this would’ve resulted in awful pain, blistering, week+ long misery to not be able to have her medication right at the start of it happening. I mentioned to her about trying the CBD oil on it. What do you have to lose, right? She tried a few drops on it and the pain stopped instantly. It never blistered, and didn’t even get bigger than a little pimple sized bump. It was completely healed in under 36 hours! Her prescription medication doesn’t even work as well as the 500mg CBD oil. I wish you could’ve seen her excitement!


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