Holistic Healing with CBD Oil


Joleen wrote:

This is my testimony from tonight:
For the first time ever… I was pain free tonight. I’ve been sitting quite a bit today working on the computer, and tonight my sciatic was really acting up. As most of you know, I do suffer quite a bit with my sciatic nerve, hip and lower back pain. I say that my pain tonight was about a 6/10. I needed to take my usual, 2 aleve and 2 tylenol, but i don’t like to take them anymore. I try to push through the pain. But for a split second, I thought, what if… what if I try putting some of my CBD Oil on my back and hip and see if it helps? I personally have heard testimonies of some people doing that and finding relief. Well, I asked Kurt to assist me. He put 6 drops of my 750mg CBD Oil on my lower back and hip, quickly rubbed it in. The minute I stood up….. I was literally pain free. I couldn’t believe it. I started walking down the hall way, faster and faster thinking this can’t be true!!!! And it was very much true!!!
The pain is coming back but not as nearly as bad as it was earlier. I just can’t believe it. I’m in shock, i’m in awe. I am so thankful for this CBD Oil.. I can not wait to see what other positive and wonderful things it is going to do for me, physically and mentally!!!
Thank you Darcey Jenkins for bringing me in to this company. Thank you so very much!!! ” 

Get YOUR oil today at www.HempWorx.com/mrsbusch


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