blanket scarf

I am truly excited about my new Blanket Scarf – almost like a little kid on Christmas, lol.

I have always been a big fan of scarves but had never owned a blanket scarf before.  I finally took the plunge and ordered the exact same scarf pictured from Amazon.

The quality of the scarf is amazing, especially for the price and I am in love the color choice (they have tons of available colors on Amazon).  It’s so beautiful and can be worn in so many different ways, like a said…..I’m almost like a kid on Christmas.  It does not take much to make me a happy girl 😉

The first time I wore the scarf I wore khaki slacks, a long sleeve black tee and my red vest (another wardrobe fave) and then styled the scarf in the traditional manner (see the pic above) where you fool the scarf into a triangle, lay the wide part of the triangle across your chest.  Wrap the ends of the scarf around your neck and pull the ends around through the front.

I also found this great diagram showing all of the other ways I can possibly wear this blanket scarf:

blanket scarf ideas

I am planning to order this scarf in some of the other colors.  I love the various plaid designs which give you endless styling possibilities!!!

This exact same scarf is available in the following colors:

Khaki (the color I bought):

Blue / Gray / White:

Gray / Blue:

Dark Green / Navy Blue:

Light Yellow:

White / Blue / Pink:

As I mentioned, the quality is great for the price.  The fabric is so soft, not itchy at all, and the scarf styles beautifully!  I will let you know which one I purchase next!!

Have a great day!




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