Boiled Egg Snowmen


Boiled Egg Snowmen (OMG CUTE!!!)

large & small hard-boiled eggs (1 each per snowman)
1 carrot
1 skewer
Uncooked straight sturdy pasta (I used linguine)
parsley or celery leaves

-Peel the boiled eggs.
-Peel the carrot and cut slices from both ends about ½ cm thick (one large slice and one small slice for each hat.
-Cut off the top and bottom of the eggs.
-Stick the BBQ skewer through the eggs to make a hole and remove it. Do the same with the two round slices of carrots.
-Stick the pasta into the two eggs and the carrot slices.
-Snap off the extra pasta that is sticking out of the carrot as close to the carrot top as possible.
-Stick the tip of the skewer in the eggs to make small holes for the eyes, nose and buttons. Place a peppercorn in each hole and a small piece of carrot for the nose.
-Lastly, stick a parsley sprig or celery leaves on the side to make a broom.
Fun to make and will make a cute edible centerpiece or fun to take to a party!
If you want to make these the night before, I suggest you don’t use pasta. It gets soft. Instead, use a skewer

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