CBD for ADHD / Behavioral Issues


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From Ashley,
Today makes 2 weeks taking the CBD oil. The results are unbelievable! He has severe ADHD complex disorder with some pretty violent and aggressive behaviors for those that don’t know. He has not had a single angry episode and only a couple very mild aggressive episodes. That’s huge! Before it was 4-5 a day if not more. He is now able to calm himself down if he gets upset.
He still has some hyper moments, but he’s not constantly bouncing off the walls. I mean what almost 8 year old boy isn’t hyper at times? He is starting to be able to control those as well.
He sleeps a solid 10+ hours without being up and down all night. He wakes up well rested and in a good mood.
He hasn’t told me once in these two weeks that he wishes he wasn’t alive. Do you know what it does to a mom to hear her little boy tell you that? It’s the most awful feeling in the world!
He also has some pretty serious constipation issues. I wasn’t even expecting it to work for those, but he hasn’t had to take those meds at all and he has good bowel movements every day. He also hasn’t complained at all with his belly hurting.
He eats. Like this child loves food again. I may be taking food donations for him😂
He’s happy!!
He’s loving!!
He’s my little boy that I knew was still in there somewhere!
I will update next week on how he does at school bc he starts back tomorrow.

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