fried cabbage with sausage

This Fried Cabbage with Sausage dish is quick to make and so filling.  You can use different types of sausage depending on your preference.

1 tbsp Rosemary
1 tbsp Savoy (optional)
1 tsp Crushed red pepper
1 tsp Mrs Dash (salt-free) extra spicy
2 med size heads of cabbage
1 pack Johnson Bratwurst Sausage *(I use Italian as we love spicy here)
½ red onion (any type – Vidalia or yellow)
1 med green bell pepper (if you like color add ½ of red or yellow and ½ green)
Sea salt to taste
1 tbsp coarse black pepper
¼ cup water

In heavy skillet place sausage (remove from casing) and separate with fork in bit size pieces, add bell pepper and onion and cook until sausage is done.

Remove meat/vegetables from drippings and add cabbage and water. Cover and cook on medium until liquid is almost gone. Add meat mixture back.
Mix well. Serve…Let the Smacking and feet tapping begin!!!

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