Hunting Buddies Ornaments

You will Need :
2″, 1 1/2″, and 1/2″ paint brushes
Red , White and Grey Craft Paint
White Felt/fleece etc
Black 5mm Pom Poms
Red 10mm Pom Poms
Camo Fabric…. I cut up a bandana
And the Holly is Little buttons… You could embellish with what ever you come up with.. be creative…
Sponge type paint brush
Small Craft paint brush
Glue or Hot glue gun

First using your sponge type paint brush you will paint all the handles red
After they dry ..go back and using your craft brush paint white dots on them.
Using your sponge brush paint grey on a couple of them
Then measure, cut and glue your white felt around
Do the same with the camo
Next Glue your eyes, nose and embellishments on
Hang using ribbon or I am gonna use some burlap
Have Fun with them HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY

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