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My FB friend Rita just posted this! I hope you don’t mind me sharing Rita!

“My herbal drops from hempworx have helped improve my health so much in the last 6 weeks since starting to use them. I still can’t understand completely why. We are told we have an endocannabinoid system in our bodies and the only thing I can figure out is that the oil helps our bodies to work at peak function.

I have so many improved symptoms such as relieved dry eyes, greatly reduced pain, improved mood, increased energy and stamina, reduced appetite, ect. However; the thing that is so exciting is that I’m not taking antidepressants anymore and I have been on them for 20 plus years!

I don’t take anything for pain anymore and feel better than I did when I was. I’ve cut down on my supplements drastically. I was taking some great supplement capsules and tablets, spending about $140 a month on 9 different ones. Now I just take 2 for $20 a month total. This is good for me since I don’t like to swallow pills. I just put 5 drops of oil under my tongue 2 to 4 times a day.

So far I am saving about $270 a month from supplements and prescriptions. As time goes on and i increaee my dose with the herbal drops I anticipate giving up even more prescriptions. The drops seem to help with a variety of ailments and conditions.

This herbal supplement is legal in 50 States and has less thc than brocolli. It is cold pressed; 100% pure and truly the top brand that you can ”
🌱 http://HempWorx.com/mrsbusch 

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