CBD oil for anxiety

CBD Oil for Anxiety – A natural alternative to help deal with anxiety! Relief from anxiety symptoms may be just a few drops away with HempWorx CBD Oil!

What is CBD Oil?

  • CBD is the abbreviation for Cannabidiol. It is a naturally occurring substance in
    commercial hemp/cannabis It is non-psychoactive and is the most abundant cannabinoid
    found in marijuana. CBD oil contains large amounts of CBD.
  • Our CBD items and extracts are stemmed from commercial hemp, so they could be
    considered CBD rich hemp oil or ‘hemp extracts’, as they contain more compounds than
    just CBD.
  • The term ‘cannabis’ is a genus name, meaning that all types of cannabis and hemp are
    categorized under this
  • CBD Oil is legal in 50 states and ships to many countries worldwide

HempWorx CBD Oil Anxiety Testimonies

Anxiety, migraines and pain is almost completely eliminated!

I’ve been using the CBD oil for a month now. I started using it because my anxiety was so bad it was keeping me from living my life. My anxiety is almost completely gone, I’m not irritable, I sleep through the night and I’ve only had to take an anti-anxiety pill once in 4 weeks!

I suffer from migraines, as well. Twice I’ve felt the headaches coming on and I put the HempWorx CBD drops under my tongue, as well as, a drop on each temple and within minutes I had no headache and it never came back!

Carpal tunnel is something else I deal with and one morning I realized I have had zero pain, numbness, or tingling. I am so grateful I have found HempWorx and I want everyone to try this! I’ve posted before that I weaned myself off all anxiety and depression meds with only using our HempWorx CBD Oil. Well it’s still working! Things have been tough, holidays are stressful and had my lifelong friend back out of my wedding. Had a bad day yesterday and anxiety was on the rise along with being sad. I knew I was probably going to get a panic attack because I could feel it in my chest, heart palpitations, tightness and shortness of breath. I literally had two options in my hands, our HempWorx CBD oil or my Xanax that I haven’t had to take in over a month. I decided to go the natural route once again and take half a dropper of the oil. Within 5 minutes my anxiety was GONE!!! So thankful for this product!!

She’s off all anxiety and pain meds in 4 days!

I have suffered with anxiety since 1999. I was recently diagnosed with bipolar and PTSD which I think are both bogus, but I have been diagnosed, I’ve been taking anxiety medicine since 1999, I just recently in the past year started taking medicine for the PTSD and the bipolar. I also have back problems and I had an L4 L5 Fusion in 2009. Since this week, I have received my CBD oil and I have not taken any anxiety medicine, or pain
medication so far, it’s been doing great.
I’m excited in all the money I’m going to save from co-payments and prescriptions and doctors visits and traveling to and from the doctor and taking time off of work to go to the doctor by using one product. Very very very excited!!!
**NEVER discontinue medications without consulting with your physician.

CBD oil used by customer with Parkinson’s, Anxiety and a history of cancer

My husband was diagnosed 3 yrs ago with Parkinson’s. His right arm and hand shakes have recently become more intense. We went to the neurologist a month ago. He wanted to give a medication to stop the trembling. My husband denied it, as he is a heart patient and has type 2 diabetes. 3 weeks ago I began 750 for depression and anxiety and no energy or motivation, sleepless nights, and just dragging through the days. I am a cancer survivor of 5 yrs next week. I had had a real tough time due to vaginal radiation which burned a hole in my colon. We started 750 twice a day 3 weeks ago together.

His shaking has lessened nearly 50%. I have become happier, more energy, less anxiety and all over depression and heart palpitations. Our daughter now is taking 750 for uncontrolled anxiety since her childhood. She visited us the other day. Immediately we saw the difference in only a week of using the drops! Our family seems to be benefiting after less than a month. Only good thoughts for the future!

Bipolar and Anxiety Testimony

Here’s an approximate 6 week update for myself. I have struggled for most of my life to find a balance with bipolar disorder and anxiety. I’ve tried soooooo many medication combinations, and nothing was a great fit. I started using HempWorx in October, after struggling to recover from a car accident in January, and was not expecting much of anything, but with the money-back guarantee, what harm would trying it hurt?

I’m so thankful to HempWorx, because after struggling emotionally for most of my life, I feel calm and balanced for the first time in many years. I have had many difficult things arise in the past 6 weeks that would have had me in tears previously. I have found that the oil has seemingly helped my body find some kind of balance that was not there before. I’m not taking as many meds as I was. I had my first psychiatric appointment this morning since starting to use the oil, and my doctor was so happy to see I’ve improved – not to mention, he wasn’t too surprised and was very OK with me continuing use!!! Thank you HempWorx!

I was given anxiety meds right after I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I started the oil and after a couple weeks I no longer take the anxiety meds I use it for both anxiety and depression and I’m happy to say I’m off both medications because of CBD HempWorx

Agoraphobia and Anxiety

I’m really shy but figured I’d share my testimony with everyone… I started fully taking my 500 mg 2 months ago now I’m at 7 drops 2 times a day and I’ve noticed a huge difference.  All of my life I’ve been off and on antidepressants since I was 14 and it has really made a huge difference in the severity of it I’m calmer than I’ve ever been. And I’m also a sufferer of Agoraphobia which is due to my anxiety where I can’t leave the house because I’m too nervous and as of the last 2 weeks I’ve been going out frequently not saying I don’t get a bit nervous when I do go but it’s easier for me to leave the house now and now I have energy.

I’ve always suffered anxiety and depression and I never used to want to go down the basement stairs and do laundry because the stairs made my heart race and I was nervous of that feeling I’m able to say I’m doing laundry again and I’m cooking meals and baking and finding joy in the things I was anxious doing after my abusive relationship. I feel so much relief compared to where I was before thank you hemp worx for helping me getting my life back I’m so thankful to be where I am. I’ve suffered add and anxiety and depression all my life. I’m so thankful I could cry.

Get the purest form of CBD available with a full money back guarantee @ www.HempWorx.com/mrsbusch

Calmer and able to enjoy her day with HempWorx CBD Oil!

Did my first drops last night and I’ve seriously had such a good day today! I woke up feeling rested and not anxious what-so-ever. I even had some very vivid dreams, so I don’t know if that means I got deeper sleep or what, but I’ll take it! I was much calmer and patient today and just ENJOYED the day today. Like, it was a legitimate enjoyable day and I felt such genuine appreciation for the NOW.  I’m blown away already by this HempWorx CBD Oil because it’s bringing back who I KNOW I am.

She doesn’t need Xanax now that she’s taking HempWorx CBD Oil!

HempWorx CBD Oil is my little miracle! I can’t tell you how much it has made a difference in my anxiety! I wish every single person that had pain or any type of mental health issue or chronic pain could try this! There is a 30 day money back guarantee! I urge you to try it!  Since I started the CBD Oil I haven’t had to take any Xanax! I feel calm and so great!  If you suffer from anxiety you need to try this!

Relief from Fibromyalgia and anxiety, no more Xanax!

I just wanted to say that I am totally amazed. I am now off all my pain medications for my fibromyalgia & also Xanax for anxiety. We hosted 40 people for 2 days over the Holiday. I would have been in bed for 2 days before using the CBD Oil, but yesterday I felt so good I even forgot to take my oil. Plus my sister who has been fighting lung cancer for the past 2 years, was able to relax when I gave her the oil, so she is starting to use it too!

Better sleep and no anxiety

Day 7 and I can’t say enough about this product! I am finally able to get my anxiety under control! I have left the house multiple times this week and didn’t even think about taking my Xanax! Finally a light at the end of all the HELL I have been going through for YEARS!  Plus I find my sleep is very good.

For those of you wondering about the taste it has a light peppermint taste to it – pretty pleasant actually- I would recommend this to anyone who has mental health issues for sure.  My anxiety and depression had left me on disability the last seven yrs and not able to work. Well financial reasons I was forced to go back. Been on 750 mg for six weeks now. Has helped me tremendously. Been back to work ten months now. I do struggle everyday.  Probably upping how much I Take would help more because only taking three drops a day  and sometimes twice. Not on my blood pressure medication anymore I use HempWorx 750mg oil for my depression and anxiety it has helped me so much i was able to go to a baseball game and that was a big step.for me as big crowds my heart would race but since taking the oil i haven’t had that happen

How long does a bottle last? 
One bottle will last 1-3 months depending on how much you use

How do I take the oil?
The best delivery method is sublingual (under your tongue).

How much do I take?
Our oil is very strong so you want to start slowly with 5 drops twice a day for the first week. After that you can increase to 10 drops twice a day. For most people the 10 drops is perfect but some need to take 20 twice a day after a week on the 10, it’s up to you and the relief you get at each of those dosages

What if it does not work?
Patience is key with CBD oil.  While some notice results almost immediately, some take a bit longer to allow the oil to build up in their system to a therapeutic level.  We also offer a full 30 day money back guarantee

How do I see the products and order?
You can see more great info on all of the products and order options here – www.HempWorx.com/mrsbusch


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