homemade pot pie

My friend Judith’s Homemade Pot Pie – nothing says ‘comfort food’ like this dish.

5 min prep time 30 min baking time at 400 or 425 depending on your oven
1 pre made double pie crust
1 can of chicken drained ( or you can use cooked chicken breast 1 or 2 shredded)
2 cans of mixed veggies drained
1 can of cream of chicken soup( don’t add the water)
1 egg white

Put one pie crust in pie pan. Mix chicken, veggies and soup in a bowl.. add to pie crust.
Put the other crust on top pinch edges and put slits on top .  Brush top with egg white.
bake 30 min .  when done brush butter on top let cool about 15 min or so before cutting so it can thicken.  Enjoy…


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