All the Missing Girls Book


This book was quite interesting!

The book follows a girl named ‘Nic’ who has to go back to her tiny home town when her Father has to be placed in a skilled care facility.  Her brother needs her help to clean up the family home and get it ready to sell (in order to help pay for the facility costs).

She has not returned to her home town since she was 18 years old and her best friend at the time had disappeared.  She has left the small town to pursue bigger dreams (including a Fiance).  However, once she returns home she easily gets swept back into her old life while another girl goes missing once she returns.

I was a little confused at first until shortly into the book I realized that the author was actually telling the story backwards.  Such an interesting way to tell the story and it especially makes all of the plot twists even more interesting!

Great read!  I am also excited to learn about another book by the same author titled “The Perfect Stranger”.  Guess what’s being added to my GIGANTIC reading list?  LOL

My current read is a little different – “A Man Called Ove”.  Hopefully I will be reporting on that one soon.  Happy Reading.

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