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Great job Damon 🙂
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Moment of Transparency:
I’ve never subscribe to self promotion because of my own beliefs and reasons and I’ve always been a private person when it comes to my life and personal business especially when it pertains to my weight, something I’ve struggled with since my mid 30’s…and NEVER have I felt comfortable with posting pictures of my body due to my own struggles of weight loss but because I am so excited about my new weight loss journey I felt that maybe this could possibly be a help to someone else who deals with some of the same or similar issues concerning their weight. August 11th I made a conscious decision to do something about it and after trying sooooo many diets and gimmicks in the past from Medical Weight Loss to HCG drops and everything in betwen but finally I’ve found something that has proven itself to me that it definitely WORKS!
I’ve lost 15lbs and down 2 pants sizes all in 30 days…Have not chaged my diet and no exercise whatsoever! I’m super excited. Lets see what the next 30 days bring.


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