This is by far one of my favorite salads to bring to family gatherings!

Even my Dad who is a skeptic about EVERYTHING loves this salad!  One of the things that I like about this is that you can interchange ingredients – for example, I sometimes like to add cauliflower or broccoli.  And aside from tasting great, the layering is beautiful to see!


1 Head of Lettuce (washed and broken into bite sizes)
Fresh or 1 can of Peas (drain if canned)
1 purple onion sliced
2 carrots (shredded or cut thinly)
1 green pepper (or pepper choice)
1 tomato
1 hard boiled egg (sliced)
** Here is where you can also add more veggies or substitute veggies…cucumbers~radishes~brocilli~cauliflower….your choice~
2 cups of shredded sharp cheese
1 cup of Ranch Dressing (if you mix the dressing from the Ranch Mix and Sour Cream it is thicker…and will not cause wilting so quickly)

Layer all the above beginning with the lettuce~ Halfway through the layering cover with Ranch and 1 cup of cheese, continue to layer until done. On the top layer Ranch and remaining cheese.

Topping: This is good with bites of bacon and or the fried onion toppers~ Chill and serve. I don’t suggest making this the “night before”….Looks really pretty in a glass bowl where all the layers show


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