1. Good Bye Congestion
Apply to your chest, especially before bed. Remember to wear a shirt that covers it. It will burn if you accidentally get some in your eyes.

2. On your feet
apply a generous amount on your feet before bed. Cover with thick socks to prevent from getting on your sheets. Helps get rid of the cough. Great for kids and babies.

3. Release Ticks
if a tick becomes attached to you or your pet, Apply a generous amount of Vicks on the ticks. It suffocates the tick causing it to have to pull out to breathe. Then place in a glass of very hot water and cover. Remember to remove all Vicks from your pet.

4. No more nail fungus
if you suspect you have a nail fungus, rub onto your nail every day. The nail will turn black. Once it grows out the black will be gone. Apply for 2 weeks to get rid of completely

5. Keep away Mosquitoes
Apply to open skin. It will prevent the mosquitoes from bothering you. If you happen to get bit you can relieve itching by dabbing on Vicks and covering with a band aid.

6. Great for Vaporizers
Some Vaporizers have a special compartment to put Vicks. Place it near your bedside to help your rest easy at night. NOTE: Keep it high away from children and pets to prevent injuries.

7. No more peeing for puppy
if you have a new puppy at home that isn’t potty trained. Place an open jar near the area puppy is having accidents on and its said to deter the puppy from going again.

8. No more headache
Rub Vicks into your temples and on your forehead. It helps with circulation.

9. Help soothe Sore muscles.
Apply to sore muscles. Again make sure it’s covered. It helps provide circulation and helps soothe sore muscles.

10. Prevent infections on small cuts.
To speed up healing and prevent infection dab a small amount on to small cuts

11. Horse deterrent
Horse racers will place Vicks below horse’s nostrils. It’s said to prevent them from smelling the females and stay focused.

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